Gta 5 casino best slot machine

Gta 5 casino best slot machine


GTA Online: Casino Gambling Guide

The Diamond Casino of GTA Online allows its players to participate in various gambling games. This guide will help players learn the rules of each game and learn how to bring the most money home. GTA Online supports players in their endeavors to be one of the most powerful and feared players of Los Santos. Similar to the campaign, players will participate in missions to help build their reputation and build their income to construct a small empire ready to take on any challenge thrown at them. The Grand Theft Auto series is known for its extreme violence, slapstick humor, drug use, and even at some points, torture. The game is heavily criticized by mainstream media for being too violent to be in public. Although, as time has gone on and more video games have acquired their mature rating, the Grand Theft Auto series is one that stands firm. The game continues to sell ridiculously well on every platform it is a part of even though the game is over 7 years old. Currently, the game is completely free on the Epic Store shop for players to download. New updates come along to GTA Online, providing new content for its players with each new patch. One of the biggest patches brought along the Diamond Casino and this guide will help players learn how to gamble when inside.

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The Diamond Casino came along with the Diamond Casino and Resort update. Here, players can participate in a wide variety of real-world gambling minigames like Blackjack and Roulette. Also, players can purchase a property here and participate in the Casino Heist alongside their friends. Players who gamble in the real world will instantly have an advantage due to the rules being identical. Although for players who have never gambled a day in their life, this guide will help them get comfortable with spending a large sum of their GTA money. The gameplay is so realistic, the Diamond and Casino Resort update was prevented from being released in countries around the world with more strict gambling laws. Also, a surprising number of children are owners of GTA Online. The harsh reality of gambling is there is no guarantee to win. There's a reason why it's called gambling. Understanding when the back out when things are good is vital. Although, this is a video game so there's a much stronger safety net when compared to gambling with real money. Here's how players can optimize their playstyle in the Diamond Casino in GTA Online. This guide is also helpful for some real-world gambling experience.

Gambling Guide in GTA Online: Losing

For starters, the player will need to be comfortable with the idea of losing. The player will lose a lot, regardless of what game the player is participating in. The entire appeal surrounding gambling is the potential to win, not necessarily winning. Make sure to put aside money that you are comfortable with never seeing again. When starting in the Diamond Casino, bet low. Do not be a high roller right from the beginning. The reason for this is so the player can get comfortable with the rules of each game. Blackjack is the player versus the house. The player closest to 21 is the winner. Roulette throws a ball on a spinning wheel. If the ball lands where a player bets it will land, they will win. Virtual horse racing allows the player to bet on a horse to win a race. Once again, completely random. The player needs to be comfortable with losing because they will lose a lot. The goal is to have fun playing, not winning. Although when the player does win, it is extremely gratifying.

Gambling Guide in GTA Online: Games To Make Money

Now that the player is comfortable with losing. It is time to plan the best way to go about winning. The rule of thumb is the less skill the game takes, the lower the payout for said game. Here are all the games the player can participate in at the Diamond Casino.

  • Slots: Complete luck. There is no strategy in this. The rule being the more money the player puts into the slots, the more they will get out of it. Although, once the money has been placed in the machine. It is completely up to chance.
  • Roulette: It is recommended to avoid this game if the player is trying to win back money. Statistically speaking, players will spend more money playing than making back. This is similar to slots as it is completely up to chance once the bet is placed.
  • Three Card Poker: Always bet on any high card queen-six-four or better. and fold on any high card queen-six-three or lower. Players have a higher chance of winning in this game by following this simple rule.
  • Blackjack: This is by far the most challenging game in the casino to laying down strategy. But the chances of victory are high if the player knows what to do. The player will need to keep track of every card in the deck and eliminate them once they have been played on the table. Once again, not an easy thing to do. Although, this is a fun game to play when betting low.
  • Virtual Horse Racing: Bet high on the games where the player expects to have a positive return and bet the lowest on games where the expected return is lower. Back out the game to refresh the stats occasionally. Always bet max on a race with favorites at 2/1 and 3/1 or higher in it. Skip all races with two favorites at EVENS in it.
  • Wheel of Fortune: Absolutely no risk for the player. All the player has to do is spin the wheel once per day and win a prize. The wheel is also completely free! Enjoy!

It's difficult to narrow down an exact strategy for a casino game when every game to some degree has a level of chance to it. The entire appeal surrounding gambling is the tingling sensation that comes from the chance at winning. Players gamble to have the chance at winning. The same appeal is there when games have loot boxes with rare skins or rare weapons. People play for the opportunity, not necessarily the prize. GTA Online is actually a decent playground for players who want to practice gambling for the real-world in a safe environment. Learn the rules, practice, and feel out patterns before heading out with thousands of dollars to potentially throw away. Remember, the house always wins.

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GTA Online is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox , Xbox One, and PC.