Casino best scenes

Casino best scenes


The Best Casino Scenes in Hollywood History

Oh, the casino. A wonderful place to be! When a casino features in a movie, you just know it’s gonna be cool and classy. And that dates back a long time! Casinos have been a prime setting for movie scenes for many, many years.

That’s why we’re about to go back through the archives to look at some of the best casino scenes in the history of Hollywood. Expect to see the epitome of luxury in these fine cinema moments.

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Before you do that, however, you’re definitely going to want to get yourself hyped up for it with these spectacular casino movie scenes. Enjoy!

Dr. No ()

Of course, we had to include a James Bond movie in our list. And of course, it had to be right at the beginning! There isn’t a film franchise in the world that highlights the glitz and glamor of the casino in the same way as James Bond.

While there are a lot of James Bond movies with casino scenes in them, there’s none quite as classic as the scene in the movie Dr. No, starring the original James Bond, Sean Connery.

The casino scene in this movie was filmed in Les Ambassadeurs casino. It’s located in Mayfair, one of the fanciest areas of London, which was appropriate for a film of this caliber.

In the scene, a bunch of very well-dressed people play a game of blackjack. During it, Connery delivers the classic “Bond, James Bond” line, walks away with the Bond girl of the movie and secures a dinner date with her.

Goodfellas ()

A lot of people consider The Godfather to be the best gangster movie of all time. But we’re not so sure. Goodfellas definitely has to be up there alongside, perhaps even pipping it to the post, in our eyes!

All of the scenes in this movie are awesome. But one of the best is where Tommy DeSimone goes to play a game of craps. The rich mobster has a ton of cash with him and spends it all in one sitting – one can only imagine how much money he would’ve spent here if this were to have happened in real life!

Casino ()

What movie could be more casino-oriented than one that is named entirely after the casino? As you might expect from the name of the movie, it’s pretty much set entirely in the casino. But we have to pick one scene for this article, so what’ll it be?

Probably the most intense scene in the movie Casino is where one of the main characters, casino operator Sam Rothstein (who often goes by the nickname Ace in the movie) observes as two players have a crazy game of craps.

During the game, two players bet $, on one roll of the dice. It’s hard to imagine someone spending more than what most of us earn in several years in a flash like that, but it does happen. The casino can be an outrageous place and this scene (and the movie as a whole) does a good job of depicting that.

The Gambler ()

Not a lot of people know about this amazing casino movie with Mark Wahlberg. If you haven’t seen it yet, we definitely recommend giving it a watch. That’s especially the case if you love the casino as much as we do!

In the movie, the main character Jim Bennett wagers a significant amount of cash that should really not have been gambled, such is his addiction to the table.

During this movie, he tries to win a lot of money back in one go by betting $25, on a game of blackjack. We won’t spoil how it goes down in case you decide to watch it, but we can tell you that it is pretty wild!