Best payout casino in deadwood sd

Best payout casino in deadwood sd


Discover Deadwood’s Loosest Slots: A 2024 Guide

Step back in time with a visit to Deadwood, SD, and maximize your slot play with our guide to finding the city’s loosest machines. Ditch the penny slots and aim for $1 denominations for the best odds.

The Quest for Loose Slots

In Deadwood, SD, the pursuit of the loosest slots requires a strategic approach. State reports suggest nickel slots lead in payouts, but their rarity makes $1 machines your optimal choice. Navigate Deadwood’s unique gaming landscape, from historical venues to modern slots, armed with knowledge from the South Dakota Department of Revenue’s monthly summaries.

If you want to see how gambling was in the old west, you should visit Deadwood, South Dakota. But the casinos in Deadwood only had table games like blackjack in the old days. Now they have casino slot machines as well. So if you visit, you need to know how to find the loosest slots in Deadwood, SD.

You can’t tell if a slot machine in Deadwood offers loose payouts by looking at the machine. But fortunately, there are other ways to find loose slots games.

Here’s a complete guide to finding the loosest slot machines in Deadwood, South Dakota. And you’re also going to learn about the tightest slots in Deadwood so you know what not to play.

Considering the variance in slot payouts, players are encouraged to explore for consistent access to a variety of games and potential online bonuses:

Key Takeaways

  • Best Bet: $1 slots offer the highest returns in Deadwood.
  • Avoid the Trap: Penny slots, despite their popularity, offer lower returns.
  • Tribal vs. Commercial: State reports focus on commercial venues, leaving tribal casino stats a mystery.

What are the loosest slots in Deadwood, SD?

The loosest slot machines in Deadwood, South Dakota, are the $1 denomination slots. Despite the allure of penny slots, $1 machines offer better returns, making them the best choice for players seeking favorable odds.

If you want to learn how to find the loosest slots in Deadwood, SD, you have two choices. You can try finding thereturn percentages for individual slot machinesor use statistics that show the average return percentages for slots games by denomination.

While you might be able to find return percentages for a few individual slot machines, these numbers aren’t usually published. The South Dakota Department of Revenueruns gambling in the state, though. And they publish reports that show slot machine returns by denomination.

And if you know the average return by denomination, you can see which slot machines offer the best returns. The slots with the highest returns are the loosest slots games in South Dakota.

South Dakota Gaming Statistics Monthly Summary

The reports you want to look at are the South Dakota gaming statistics monthly summary reports. These reports show how many slot machines by denomination are available in the state and the average returns.

Here are the average returns for slot machines by denomination from a recent monthly report. These slot machine returns are available on thegaming page.

  • Penny slots 90.85% return
  • Nickel slots 95.90% return
  • City slots 89.48% return
  • Dime slots 91.46% return
  • Quarter slots 90.38% return
  • 50 cent slots 90.01% return
  • $1 slots 92.49% return
  • $5 slots 90.46% return
  • $25 slots 83.86% return

Loosest Deadwood, South Dakota Slot Machines

From the state statistics, you can see the loosest slots in Deadwood, South Dakota are nickel slots. But as you’re going to see from a report later in this post, nickel slots are rare in South Dakota. The entire state only has 33 nickel slot machines.

$1 slots are the loosest slot machines in Deadwood, South Dakota.

It looks like dime slots have a high return. But dime slot machines are rarer than nickel slots. Only two dime slot machines are available in South Dakota.

Surprisingly, $25 slot machines have a terrible return. But there are two things you need to understand about the poor return. Deadwood only has six $25 slot machines. And these machines don’t get a lot of action. So the numbers for one month vary by month.

Penny slots, $1 slots, and quarter slots make up the majority of slot machines in Deadwood, South Dakota. In fact, there are more penny slot machines than every other denomination combined.

Of the three, $1 slot machines have the highest returns. So $1 slot machines are looser on average than other slots games in Deadwood.

Casinos in Deadwood, South Dakota

Here’s a list of casinos in Deadwood, South Dakota. Deadwood has a lot of casinos, and all have slot machines. But most of these casinos only have a few.

The casinos in Deadwood, South Dakota aren’t like the casinos inLas Vegas or Atlantic City. These are small casinos.

Licenses for slot machines in Deadwood are for up to 30 slots games. So a casino that only has one license can have no more than 30 machines. However, in some cases two or more license holders partner so they can have more than 30 slot machines in one location.

Based on the total number of casinos in Deadwood and the total number of slot machines, each casino has an average of 116 machines.

Buffalo Bodega Gaming Complex

658 Main St, Deadwood, SD 57732

Step into history at Buffalo Bodega Gaming Complex, Deadwood’s living testament to the Wild West era. This gaming haven not only offers a wide selection of slots but also serves as a museum of sorts, with walls echoing tales of yesteryears. It’s the perfect blend of historical ambiance and modern gaming excitement, making it a must-visit for anyone fascinated by the lore of Deadwood while seeking the thrill of the game.

Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort

360 Main St, Deadwood, SD 57732

Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort is a beacon of luxury in Deadwood, offering an unmatched gaming experience. With an extensive collection of slot machines set against a backdrop of elegance and style, this resort elevates your gaming journey to new heights. Beyond the slots, indulge in top-tier accommodations and dining options, all designed to pamper and impress. It’s where gaming meets glamour, setting the stage for unforgettable moments.

Deadwood Gulch Gaming Resort

304 Cliff St, Deadwood, SD 57732

Nestled against the backdrop of a serene creek, Deadwood Gulch Gaming Resort offers a refreshing escape with its inviting selection of slot machines. This picturesque resort combines the excitement of gaming with the beauty of nature, providing a tranquil retreat for those looking to unwind. With cozy accommodations and delectable dining options nearby, it’s a haven for gamers and nature lovers alike.

Deadwood Mountain Grand Casinos and Hotel

1906 Deadwood Mountain Dr, Deadwood, SD 57732

At Deadwood Mountain Grand, entertainment takes center stage. This multi-purpose venue not only boasts a variety of modern slot machines but also hosts concerts and events, making every visit a new experience. The combination of thrilling casino action, live entertainment, and luxurious hotel accommodations offers guests a comprehensive entertainment destination. It’s where the heartbeat of Deadwood’s entertainment scene pulses the strongest.

Deadwood Station Bunkhouse and Gambling Hall

68 Main St, Deadwood, SD 57732

Deadwood Station Bunkhouse and Gambling Hall offers a unique blend of Old West charm and modern gaming. This cozy establishment invites you to step back in time and enjoy a selection of slots in an ambiance filled with rustic charm. With comfortable, bunkhouse-style accommodations available, it’s the ideal stop for adventurers seeking a taste of Deadwood’s historic past alongside their gaming pursuits.

First Gold Hotel and Gaming

270 Main St, Deadwood, SD 57732

Immerse yourself in the pioneering spirit of Deadwood at First Gold Hotel and Gaming. This historic venue offers a broad array of slot machines, set within a backdrop that celebrates Deadwood’s rich gold rush history. With comfortable lodging and various dining options on-site, it provides a full-service gaming experience that pays homage to the town’s storied past.

Gold Country Inn Gambling Hall and Café

801 Main St, Deadwood, SD 57732

Gold Country Inn Gambling Hall and Café offers a warm, inviting atmosphere for those seeking a cozy gaming experience. With a curated selection of slot machines and a café known for its comfort food, this venue promises a comforting retreat. It’s where hospitality meets gaming, providing a welcoming space for visitors to relax and play.

Gold Dust Gaming and Entertainment Complex

688 Main St, Deadwood, SD 57732

Located in the heart of Deadwood, Gold Dust Gaming and Entertainment Complex is a vibrant hub of activity. This bustling venue offers a wide range of slot machines amidst an atmosphere of excitement and fun. With accommodations and dining options readily available, it stands as a cornerstone of Deadwood’s gaming and entertainment offerings, inviting visitors to dive into the action.

Hickok’s Casino

685 Main St, Deadwood, SD 57732

Hickok’s Casino offers a dive into Deadwood’s legendary past, with slot machines set against a backdrop rich with historical intrigue. Named after the infamous Wild Bill Hickok, this casino provides a unique gaming experience that marries history with modern-day casino excitement. It’s a journey through time, where tales of the Wild West meet the thrill of the win.

Historic Bullock Hotel

633 Main St, Deadwood, SD 57732

Experience the elegance of yesteryears at the Historic Bullock Hotel. This beautifully preserved venue offers slot gaming in an ambiance filled with historical grandeur. Beyond the slots, the hotel is known for its ghostly tales and tours, adding an element of mystery to your visit. It’s where history and gaming intertwine, creating a uniquely atmospheric experience.

Iron Horse Inn

27 Deadwood St, Deadwood, SD 57732

Iron Horse Inn brings the Wild West back to life, offering guests a chance to game in a setting that’s as much a part of Deadwood’s history as the legends who walked its streets. With a carefully selected assortment of slot machines, it’s a destination for those who appreciate the allure of history blended with the excitement of modern gaming.

Lucky 8 Gaming

196 Cliff St, Deadwood, SD 57732

Lucky 8 Gaming provides an intimate gaming atmosphere, focusing on delivering a personalized experience. With a select range of slot machines, this boutique venue caters to players looking for a quiet spot to enjoy their favorite games. It’s a hidden gem where the charm of Deadwood’s smaller scale gaming shines through.

The Lodge at Deadwood Gaming Resort

100 Pine Crest Ln, Deadwood, SD 57732

The Lodge at Deadwood Gaming Resort sets the standard for luxury gaming and accommodations in the Black Hills. Featuring a wide selection of the latest slot machines, it offers guests an unmatched gaming experience amidst stunning natural beauty. With family-friendly amenities and dining options, it’s a resort that caters to all.

Main Street Deadwood Gulch

560 Main St, Deadwood, SD 57732

Main Street Deadwood Gulch captures the spirit of Deadwood with its blend of gaming excitement and historical ambiance. Offering a diverse array of slot machines, this venue is perfect for those who wish to immerse themselves in the thrill of gaming while being steps away from Deadwood’s iconic sites.

Mineral Palace Hotel and Gaming

601 Main St, Deadwood, SD 57732

Mineral Palace Hotel and Gaming stands as a monument to Deadwood’s rich mining heritage. With a spacious gaming floor that hosts a variety of slot machines, it offers a luxurious gaming experience complemented by historical elegance. The hotel and dining facilities ensure a comfortable stay, making it a premier choice for visitors.

Mustang Sally’s

634 Main St, Deadwood, SD 57732

Mustang Sally’s is Deadwood’s go-to for fun gaming and great dining. This lively venue features a selection of slot machines that promise good times, set in a vibrant atmosphere. It’s where gaming meets casual dining, making it ideal for those looking to enjoy a relaxed gaming experience.

Old Saloon Number 10

657 Main St, Deadwood, SD 57732

Old Saloon Number 10 is more than just a casino; it’s a living museum where Deadwood’s wild past is celebrated every day. With slot machines nestled among historical artifacts, it offers a gaming experience that transports you back to the days of lawmen and outlaws.

Oyster Bay Bar and Casino

626 Main St, Deadwood, SD 57732

Oyster Bay Bar and Casino offers a unique maritime-themed gaming experience in the heart of Deadwood. Specializing in seafood and featuring a selection of slot machines, it provides a refreshing break from the typical gaming venue, perfect for those looking to enjoy a laid-back atmosphere.

Silverado Franklin Historic Hotel and Gaming Complex

709 Main St, Deadwood, SD 57732

Silverado Franklin Historic Hotel and Gaming Complex is a landmark of luxury and history. Offering an extensive array of slot machines within an opulent setting, it epitomizes the golden age of Deadwood gaming. The historic hotel adds to the experience, offering guests a taste of the past with modern comforts.

Tin Lizzie Gaming Resort

555 Main St, Deadwood, SD 57732

Tin Lizzie Gaming Resort is celebrated for its friendly atmosphere and extensive gaming options. With a wide variety of slot machines and a commitment to hospitality, it’s known as “Deadwood’s friendliest casino.” The resort also features dining and lodging, providing a comprehensive entertainment experience.

VFW Casino

10 Pine St, Deadwood, SD 57732

The VFW Casino honors veterans while offering a cozy gaming environment. With a selection of slot machines, this venue provides a community-focused atmosphere where gaming contributes to a greater cause. It’s a place of camaraderie and remembrance, making it unique in Deadwood’s gaming scene.

Wooden Nickel Casino

9 Lee St, Deadwood, SD 57732

Wooden Nickel Casino captures the rustic charm of Deadwood with its selection of slot machines set in a cozy, wood-paneled venue. It offers a relaxed gaming experience, perfect for those who prefer a quieter environment to enjoy their favorite games. It’s a quaint spot that embodies the spirit of Deadwood.

A few other casinos operate in South Dakota outside of Deadwood. All other casinos in South Dakota are owned by Indian tribes.

How Many Slot Machines Are in Deadwood, South Dakota?

Deadwood, SD doesn’t exactly qualify as the slot machine capital of the world. In fact, many casinos in other states have more slot machines than all of the casinos in Deadwood combined. But you can still find plenty of slots games in Deadwood.

So, how many slot machines are in Deadwood, South Dakota?

From the gambling reports the state of South Dakota publishes, you can see how many slot machines are in the entire state. But the reports don’t break the numbers down by area. However, the reports are still useful.

Most of the slot machines in South Dakota are in Deadwood. And all of the rest of the slot machines in South Dakota are tribal casinos. And tribal casino numbers aren’t reported by the state.

Here are the numbers for slot machines in Deadwood, South Dakota:

  • Penny slots 2,038 slot machines
  • Nickel slots 33 slot machines
  • Dime slots 2 slot machines
  • Quarter slots 133 slot machines
  • 50 cent slots 7 slot machines
  • $1 slots 225 slot machines
  • $5 slots 59 slot machines
  • $25 slots 6 slot machines
  • City slot 52 slot machines

As you can see, penny slot machines are the most common games in Deadwood, SD. $1 slot machines are second, and quarter slots games are third.

And as you learned earlier, penny slot machines have poor returns. $1 slot machines are your best bet in Deadwood, South Dakota.

The numbers above are directly from the South Dakota gaming report. I don’t know what a city slot is. But I know from the return numbers, city slots have terrible returns. So if you run across a city slot, don’t play.

The Tightest Slot Machines in Deadwood, South Dakota

You know that $1 slots are the loosest in Deadwood. But what are the tightest slot machines in Deadwood, South Dakota?

When you look at the return numbers from the state reports listed earlier in this post, it looks like the $25 slot machines are the tightest. But you’re probably not going to play $25 slot machines and there aren’t many available anyway.

South Dakota also publishes an annual report that lists hold percentages. Hold percentages aren’t the same as return percentages, but they’re still useful. You can findthe annual report here.

From this report, the hold percentage for penny slots was 9.29%. And the hold percentage for $1 slots was 7.24%. Quarter slots had a hold percentage of 9.28%.

Quarter slots in most states have a lower hold percentage than penny slots. But as you can see, in South Dakota, quarter slots and penny slots have basically the same hold percentages.

Another interesting number from the report was the hold percentage for $5 slots. They had a hold percentage of 6.2%. You might find this in disagreement with the return numbers listed earlier. But the report I’m using in this section covers a year, and the earlier report only covered a month.

The yearly hold percentage agrees with what I see in reports from other states. $1 and $5 slots tend to be looser than lower denomination slots. But in other states, quarter slots tend to be much looser than penny slots.

This doesn’t appear to be the case in North Dakota. So you should avoid playing any slot machines below $1 denominations in Deadwood, South Dakota.


Embark on a gaming adventure in Deadwood with a clear target: $1 slot machines. Amidst the city’s rich history and diverse casino offerings, informed players can find the best opportunities for rewarding play. And for those looking to extend their gaming experience, offers a virtual haven of slot options and bonuses, ensuring the thrill of the hunt is never far away.

If you’re looking for the loosest slots in Deadwood, SD, play $1 slots. But don’t get fooled by penny slots that cost $1 or more to play. You want to play slot machines that use $1 denominations.

Penny slots make up a large percentage of slot machines in Deadwood, South Dakota. But penny slots have a low return percentage. So you should avoid plying penny slots when you visit Deadwood.

Returns within different slot machine denominations vary. This means that some $1 slots have better returns than others. So if you’re not having any luck with one machine, play another machine to see if it offers better returns.

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