Best casino video games

Best casino video games


The gaming industry has always occupied a significant niche within the entertainment industry, but recent years have seen it grow at a massive rate. In , for example, the global gaming market generated revenues of almost $bn! While there are a number of factors behind this, the sheer variety in modern gaming is something that has helped it attract more people.

A prime example of this is how playing casino games online is now considered part of the whole gaming industry. These types of games are played at the latest internet casinos and see gamers tracking down the best casino deals to bag. By offering something different to gamers, online casino play has not only helped the sector grow but also carved out its own position within the industry.

The interesting thing is that casino games are not the only popular choice to play at online casino platforms – many people also enjoy trying out casino-themed video games. But which are the best around?

The Four Kings Casino and Slots

Available on Xbox One, PS4, Switch and Steam, this is one of the best casino-themed video games to enjoy. Released in June , it stands up well to this day and offers an immersive casino experience for gamers.

The neat thing about this title is that it comes with a massive multiplayer online design. This enables it to simulate an authentic casino experience and means you get to socialize with other players in the gameworld. The crisp, 3D graphics look amazing and the realistic sound FX also add to the whole vibe.

The ability to create your own custom avatar to play with and pick up new accessories for it as you progress is also very cool. As you would expect, there are also lots of fun casino classics to get involved with in this video game. From slots to roulette, poker, video poker and blackjack, you will find them all.


Just as The Mortuary Assistant is a great video game for horror fans, Stacked is also a real classic for casino gaming nuts.

Launched back in , this ultra-realistic casino game focuses on Texas Hold’em poker – and some of its many variations. It picked up a lot of attention when first launched on Xbox, as it bears the name of top poker pro Daniel Negreanu. In addition to Negreanu showing up in the game, you also have other top poker pros like Juan Carlos Mortensen making an appearance.

Even better, there is advice for players given out by the pros throughout the game, so you can get some help if stuck in a hand. Stacked is now available across multiple platforms and is a fun way for gamers to discover how much fun playing poker can be.

Prominence Poker

Prominence Poker

Available on Steam, Xbox One and PS4, it is fair to say that no list of casino-inspired games would be complete without Prominence Poker. But why is this the case?

To begin with, Prominence Poker looks the business and sounds great. In addition, it includes a cast of colorful AI characters to interact with and some seriously quirky locations to gamble in. With single and multiplayer modes, this online poker game even has an interesting storyline involving an underground gambling empire to dive into.

Casino Tycoon

While games such as those above recreate the experience of playing casino games very well, it can be fun to try something different at times. Casino Tycoon fits the bill and gives video gamers another way to have fun. This title from Davilex Games and Monte Cristo takes its cue from The Godfather movies and sees players trying to build up their own casino empire.

You start off with a relatively unknown casino and have to manage it properly so it becomes a gaming giant. While this does not see you playing casino games per se, it is a fun take on the industry and gives you total control of building up your own casino.

From hiring staff to buying new buildings and looking after your gaming tables, there is so much fun stuff to do in this game. With an irreverent feel and a cool take on casino play, this game is worth trying out.

Top casino-themed video games are winners

It is fair to say that the lines between video gaming and casino gaming are becoming increasingly blurred as time moves on. Many video gamers, for example, also enjoy trying out casino games, such as craps, on iGaming platforms. In addition, many gamers also like to try out fun video games based on casino play. If you are looking for some of the best around to enjoy, those listed here are all great choices.