Best casino paris

Best casino paris


Five Prominent Paris Casinos in the Growing Industry

A Guide to Paris Casinos

Compared to the rest of the world, the modern Parisian casino scene is quite young. While France has had very strict gambling and casino laws during the last century, authorities have openedParis to casinos during the last couple of years, which means that it’s competing with Europe’s currently highly-saturated gaming industry.

This ongoing French casino revival has led outside investors to have a renewed interest in the French capital. For instance, international real estate company Grosvenor Europe has recently acquired locations in Paris and has expressed its intent to invest €150m to €300m in the city during the next three years. In the UK, its subsidiary Grosvenor Casinos is a prominent gaming institutionwith many physical establishments as well as an online presence. The company’s presence in Paris is a direct indication that the Parisian casino scene is headed for more growth. So, here are some of the more prominent casinos in the Parisian gambling industry.

Club Circus Paris

Although Club Circus Paris has a limited selection of gaming machines, its 31 table games and 19 poker tables more than make up for this fact. In terms of available games, Club Circus is the largest casino in Paris, even though the place itself is just 1,800 square feet. There’s also a bar and a restaurant for those looking for refreshments in between gaming sessions. Located along Boulevard Murat, Club Circus is quite near famous tourist destinations such as Parc des Princes, Roland-Garros, and the Longchamps racecourse. This makes it a popular destination among locals and tourists alike.

Club Barrière Paris

27 gaming tables, 14 poker tables, and several slot machines spread across the 1,300 square foot Club Barrière casino. It is also famously located in an iconic building, the Hotel Barrière le Fouquet near the Arc de Triomphe. The site is the former location of the Aviation Club de France, formerly one of the oldest gaming institutions in the city. The history behind Club Barrière makes it a well-known location among poker enthusiasts across the world. That, in turn, makes it a popular location for poker tournaments.

Paris Club Elysées

At more than 23,000 square feet, Club Elysées is easily the largest out of the city’s casinos. This means that its 23 gaming tables are quite a comfortable distance from one another. There’s also more than enough room for a world-class restaurant featuring not just French but international cuisine. Located along Rue de Marbeuf, Club Elysées is also the first casino to officially open within Paris under relaxed new gaming laws.

Club Montmartre

With 10,800 square feet, Club Montmartre is the second largest of Paris casinos in the city. It has 18 gaming tables that are devoted to different varieties of poker. Located at Rue de Clichy, the casino comes equipped with a full-service bar as well. Club Montmartre plans to open a dedicated tournament hall, underscoring the still growing popularity of card games in the city.

Imperial Club Paris

You’ll find Imperial Club Paris at the Massena Gallery, at the shopping center between Avenue de Choisy and Boulevard Massena. While Club Elysées is the first gaming club to open in the city, Imperial Club is the second. Within its 9,500 square feet you’ll find just 4 tables dedicated to poker. Also included is a full-service bar, lots of catering services, and ample parking space.

These are just some of the most prominent casinos you can find in the city. While Paris is popularly known as a city that’s steeped in history, it also has a lot to offer in terms of modern casino gaming.

Paris Casinos

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