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Best casino in spain


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Gambling is an extremely popular pass time is Spain. In fact, it is estimated that Spain ranks third in the world in the amount of money its citizens spend on gambling each year. It is not surprising, then, that there are over 40 land-based casinos in Spain, spread in all of the country&#;s major cities and regions. Still, the locals await with anticipation the opening of &#;EuroVegas&#;, a new multi-billion dollar Las-Vega-Style casino city to be build near Madrid. The new complex is expected to include half a dozen large-scale casinos and some 12 hotels. This ambitious project, however, is expected to be completed one piece at a time over the coming decade.

Casinos in Spain have something to offer every taste and budget. Here you can find all the eternally popular casino games, such as Roulette, Blackjack and Punto Banco / Baccarat. Poker is very popular in Spain. Most casinos offer cash games and the opportunity to participate in various Poker tournaments. Here you can also play Spanish Poker, also called &#;Synthetic Poker&#;, a Spanish variation of Omaha Poker common in Spanish casinos.

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Spain is divided to 17 Autonomous Communities and 2 Autonomous Cities (Ceuta and Melilla). The minimum gambling age of 18 years and older is the same in all regions. A valid photo ID is required. The dress code and opening hours vary significantly. On Casinos Europe you can find a complete guide to all casinos in Spain. Just choose from the list below to search for Spanish casinos by region. For a list of all casinos in Spain, click here. is also published in German. Click on the following link for information in German on all casinos in Spain.