Best casino for poker in vegas

Best casino for poker in vegas


10 best Las Vegas poker rooms

Las Vegas is home to some of the top card rooms in the world. Sin City is widely considered the globe’s poker capital, and for good reason. The Southern Nevada desert town boasts more than 20 poker rooms, and had over 30 prior to COVID-19. You can find a game for players of all bankrolls at any time of day, 365 days a year in this town. But even the best Las Vegas poker rooms weren’t created equal. Some are just better than others, for reasons you’re about to learn.

1. Aria Resort and Casino (Las Vegas Strip)

Aria is one of the classiest hotel casinos you’ll ever step foot in. The MGM Resorts-owned property features some award-winning restaurants, a snazzy sportsbook, and of course, one of the best poker rooms in Las Vegas — or anywhere else. The card room at Aria is comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and the dealers are top-notch. You will find games at virtually every level most hours of the day. One thing that makes this poker room so appealing is that on any given day you just might end up seated next to a celebrity or your favorite poker pro.

2. Wynn Resort (Las Vegas Strip)

If there’s an award for best looking poker room, it would be difficult to give it to any room other than Wynn (although the room is technically on the Encore side of the property). Wynn’s stylish and luxurious poker room isn’t the only reason to play there. The casino hosts some juicy low and mid-stakes tournaments regularly, and the cash games are solid as well. The only reason Aria ranks higher is due to the higher stakes games offered.

3. Bellagio (Las Vegas Strip)

Bellagio has one of the most famous poker rooms anywhere, and also one of the best in Vegas. Like Aria, Bellagio is owned by MGM Resorts, and offers some of the highest stakes games around. The card room is most known for its high-stakes room — Legends Room (previously Bobby’s Room) — and upscale clientele. Again similar to Aria, Bellagio attracts many poker and non-poker celebrities. The cash games are outstanding, but unfortunately, there aren’t any juicy daily tournaments available at Bellagio. Even so, it’s one of the best Las Vegas Poker rooms for its vibrant high-stakes atmosphere.

4. The Venetian (Las Vegas Strip)

Venetian has the biggest card room in town, with over 35 tables and a convention center that provides extra space for large events. The resort was previously owned by the late Sheldon Adelson, whose anti-online poker stance kept some players away. It’s also the best place in town for tournaments. Venetian hosts a monthly DeepStack series that typically features multiple six-figure guarantee events. Mixed-game players also love the Venetian poker room because it is one of the few places in town to find mixed games at any hour of the day.

5. The Orleans (West of Strip)

If you’re looking to avoid the craziness of the Las Vegas Strip, your best option might be Orleans, a card room that is almost always packed. The biggest downside to this poker room, for those who don’t smoke, is that the cigarette stench is often quite strong. If that doesn’t bug you, you’ll enjoy the numerous cash games, mostly low-stakes, and the solid daily tournaments. On top of that, the casino restaurants are more affordable than what you’ll find on the Strip. And they’re pretty tasty, especially the prime rib room. That’s a nice perk to this top Las Vegas card room.

6. South Point (South of Strip)

South Point’s poker room is popping most nights, especially on the weekends. You’ll find some juicy low-stakes cash games here. That’s because most of the players are either recreational players or grinders. They’re often just there to rack up hours to become eligible for a monthly freeroll. The tournaments aren’t very profitable as they are mostly cheap, with unfavorable blind structures. But the card room is well run and South Point has numerous delicious restaurants and a lively casino floor.

7. Red Rock Resort (Summerlin)

Gorgeous Downtown Summerlin, a 25-minute drive west of the Strip, is home to one of the coolest non-Strip casinos in town. Red Rock Resort’s poker room is a locals favorite, especially for those who reside in the Summerlin area. You’ll only find low-stakes games at Red Rock, but that is the case with every casino off the Strip. Red Rock is a Station Casinos brand property. What draws people here to play poker is the easy-to-beat low stakes hold’em games. And of course there are numerous entertainment and dining options inside the casino — and outside at the Downtown Summerlin district. It’s a little non-traditional, but still one of the best Las Vegas poker rooms you’ll find.

8. Golden Nugget (Fremont Street)

The Fremont Street Experience, which is part of downtown Las Vegas, doesn’t have many poker rooms. That’s surprising, since the World Series of Poker was hosted at Binion’s prior to 2005. Sadly, Golden Nugget is the only place worth playing cards downtown these days. The poker room is a bit hidden behind the main casino floor. It’s also a tad too dark for some people’s liking. But Fremont Street attracts mostly recreational players. That’s good, because it makes the games at Golden Nugget beatable. In the summer, Golden Nugget hosts its annual popular The Grand Poker Series. It’s one of the best low-stakes poker events you’ll find anywhere, in any city, at any time of year.

9. MGM Grand (Las Vegas Strip)

MGM Grand has one of the forgotten MGM Resorts brand card rooms, although it’s a solid place to play poker. The poker room was previously in a better location, away from the main casino floor. But they moved it to the heart of the casino back in 2015, and it’s not as aesthetically pleasing and more crowded. Still, if you’re looking for a good $1-$3 or $2-$5 game and you don’t want to wait for a seat, MGM Grand isn’t a bad option.

10. Caesars Palace (Las Vegas Strip)

Caesars Palace used to have a Top 5 Las Vegas poker room back when it was in an enclosed room next to the sportsbook. But the casino decided to move it across the sportsbook into an open area that is quite noisy. With that said, the poker room at Caesars is almost always packed. The clientele is often wealthy tourists and recreational players, which creates some juicy games. The daily tournaments aren’t worth your time if you’re a serious poker player. But they’re great for recreational grinders looking to have some fun playing a cheap tournament.

Best poker rooms in Las Vegas FAQs

Which Vegas casino has the best poker room?

While it’s difficult to pick one as the outright best, the Aria Resort & Casino has perhaps the best poker room in Las Vegas. It’s a stunning MGM-owned property on the Las Vegas Strip with a huge selection of poker games at practically every time of the day. Other great options include the Wynn Resort, The Bellagio, and The Venetian, each of which needs very little introduction!

Where is the best place to play limit poker in Las Vegas?  

If you’re looking for limit poker off-the-beaten track in Vegas, the Orleans poker room is a great option, with limit Texas Hold’em and Omaha games during peak hours. Most of the above mainstream casinos on the Las Vegas Strip also offer limit poker games, so be sure to check them out if you’re planning an upcoming trip to Sin City.

Who has the biggest poker room in Las Vegas?  

The largest poker room in Las Vegas is located at Caesars Palace Casino, with more than 14,000 sq. ft of floor space. You can play various cash poker games at Caesars throughout the day at night and there are more than 62 tables at the venue. Caesars is great for tourists and serious poker players alike. 

What casinos in Las Vegas still have poker rooms? 

There are more than 20 poker rooms currently active in Las Vegas. Ten of the best can be found at Aria, Wynn, Bellagio, The Venetian, Orleans, South Point, Red Rock, Golden Nugget, MGM Grand, and Caesars. There’s a poker room for every type of poker player in Las Vegas, whether you’re a budding amateur or a tourist looking for a good time!

Are drinks free in Las Vegas poker rooms?  

Yes! Many Las Vegas poker rooms offer free drinks. This is true on most casino floors and isn’t just exclusively the case in poker rooms. Just be mindful that the free drinks only flow when you’re spending money. If you’re not gambling, you can’t just walk into a Las Vegas room to order a free beer!  

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