Best casino cruise

Best casino cruise


The 10 Best Casino Cruises in the World

Are you fond of the idea of gambling it up while cruising your way to exotic destinations? Awesome! Today many cruise ships out there offer onboard fully-fledged casinos and don’t shy away from flaunting their best of both worlds.

While most stately casino liners offer the ambiance, and endless glitter and glitz, others stand out for providing the amenability of a smaller vessel.

Major ships and cruise lines feature casinos that rival inland casinos in size, acuity, and style. Although you — possibly — will feel like you’re walking into a casino in Macau or Vegas, casino liners feature a hoard of benefits that differ from land casinos. 

To start with, the minimum wagers on at games on cruises are exceptionally low. This so much attracts the casual, low-bet gambler, and definitely inspires more occupants to play games.

For example, the minimum stakes range from $1 to $5 for table games, as well, there are lots of penny slots. No wonder you’ll also find non-gamblers trying their luck on sea. 

Wagering in the casino is a typical cruise ship activity. For this reason, almost all casino cruises have table games, slots, and video poker. However, to make it to the list of “best casino cruises” a cruise liner’s casino’s got to offer a little more.

In this article, you’ll find a broad list of the world’s most luxurious casino cruises and what to anticipate as you play your preferred game while sailing the high seas.

Expect to learn about their offers in terms of games, payouts, hours of operation, and any other outstanding features, or service related to casino cruise companies.

While you are free to smash yourself aboard, some fleets don’t permit smoking. Here are the 9 top cruise lines that don’t allow smoking at all; Celebrity, Crystal, Cunard, Oceania, Seven Seas, Silversea, Regent, Seabourn, and Windstar.


Casino Cruise Name: Allure of the Seas

Best Casino Cruises

  • Casino Operator: Royal Caribbean International
  • Length: 7 nights 
  • Cost Range: $560 to $1,500
  • Route: Miami, Florida to the Bahamas

Cruise Description 

At 362m long, Allure of the Seas is the second biggest cruiser in the world and carries about 5,400 passengers. The most alluring thing about it is the on-board magnificent casino—the Casino Royale. 


What Reviewers Say

Most voyagers commend the Allure of the Seas Casino for their hard to beat customer service, and incredible entertainment plan.

With an impressive 18,000 ft2 of gaming floor coupled with French Riviera décor, the casino will make you feel as if you’re in Monte Carlo.   

The Casino Royale prides itself in holding 500 slot machines from Novomatic, Ballys, IGT, Aristocrat, and others. What’s more, there are 27 table games, offering different games for instance baccarat, blackjack, poker, roulette, to name a few. 

Want to access the best casinos online? Well, for the gaming enthusiasts who like comparing online casinos with land casinos, Casino Royale gets you covered. Thanks to its high internet speeds which let you seamlessly access several best casinos online. 

Casino Royale is determined to treat its gamblers to real-life Vegas experience. And the sophisticated décor down the pub where waiters and waitresses dispense cocktail services to clients helps with this. 

Note that the staff to traveller ratio is 1:3, meaning you can anticipate quick services. No matter you want to enjoy your favorite drink right at the table or at the bar.

The fun doesn’t end there since Allure of the Seas hosts several Broadway shows night after night for boarders’ entertainment.

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Casino Cruise Name: Norwegian Epic

Best Casino Cruises

  • Casino Operator: Norwegian Cruises 
  • Length: 7 days 
  • Cost Range: $479 to $1549
  • Route: Miami, Florida to Barcelona, Spain


Cruise Description

At the time it was built, Norwegian Epic was the third largest cruiser in the world. Voted Best Cruise Ship Entertainment, the Epic is a whole new wave of world-class performance and accommodation.

Want to cross the Atlantic, and dine at some new place night after night? Good, the Epic features up to 22 feasting options.

What Reviewers Say

The Norwegian Epic, for sure, is a dazzle. So much fun, with so many people. Be ready to rub shoulders with fellow voyagers as the most favorite restaurants, shows, and bars are always full.

This cruiser keeps the bar high. The Norwegian Epic is an incredible 1,081 feet long cruiser, with 4,100 guest capacity.

Inside, you’ll find unrivaled fun and entertainment, courtesy of the enjoyable Cirque du Soleil live performance, and grand casino games at the Epic Casino. 

Overall, the casino is filled with a chic atmosphere, with the gaming floor hosting 100s of slots. Moreover, the casino offers table games, including roulette, blackjack, craps, and so on.

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Casino Cruise Name: Oasis of the Seas

Best Casino Cruises

  • Casino Operator: Royal Caribbean International
  • Length: 3 nights 
  • Cost Range: $408 to $1,123
  • Route: Miami, Florida to the Bahamas

Cruise Description

Royal Caribbean is famous for cruises with a wow factor. No matter you want the experience of zip lines or ice skating Royal Caribbean got it all.


What Reviewers Say

A genuinely blissful escape filled with sunshine, Bahamian customs, and beaches.

Gambling and luxury go hand in hand in this cruiser. Oasis of the Seas offers the experience of a Las Vegas casino. The fabulous casinos home different machines and tables for everyone. 

Casino Royale, the casino onboard,  covers 1,800 square feet and offers poker, slots, video games, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and scheduled casino tournaments.

The cruiser is one of the largest cruise ships in the world that offer one of a kind expedition and relaxation. Moreover, it features beautiful bright décors and bars filled with every drink you could want.  

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Casino Cruise Name: Queen Mary 2

Best Casino Cruises

  • Casino Operator: Cunard Line
  • Length: 9 nights
  • Cost Range: $1,200 to $3,000 
  • Route: the United States to the United Kingdom 

Cruise Description 

Queen Mary 2 embodies the operator’s motto: “Cunard. Anything.” If cruising heightens your senses, and make you go crazy, boarding Queen Mary 2 escalates this sense of intoxication. The churning seas, a bottle of wine a foot away, splashing up the sides of the restaurant’s windows partly spur your survival instincts. 


What Reviewers Say 

Majority of passengers commend it for the level of hygiene, the restaurants, and the evening fun of course!

The cruiser is always clean, with a well-appointed professional staff. Recently, guests rave about the swank cabins, ranging from Single berths to Queens Grill and Princess Grill cabins, which offer exclusive perks like butler service and private dining.

The 2,691-passenger Cunard Line’s man-of-war ship, the Queen Mary 2 oozes luxury. It takes the occupants on an urbane transatlantic crossing; cruise between New York and Southampton.  

The casino onboard the Queen Mary 2 is known as the “Empire Casino,” offering a glitzy casino that rivals those in Monte Carlo.

The elegant Queen Mary 2 furnishes its voyagers with deluxe rooms and an owing library, which holds over 8,000 books. So far, this is the biggest collection that you can find at sea.

However, what gamblers will find extra appealing is the Empire Casino. It offers 99 slot machines and 12 stately gaming tables to play three card poker, Texas hold’em, roulette, blackjack, heads up poker, and more. 

Wagers start from about $1 for table games, which of course are supposed to interest casual gamblers, but high rollers can decide on staking up to $500 per spin.

As for slot fans, you may choose to gamble from as low as $0.05 to $5 on one spin. They’re also a horde of bars and restaurants to further your gaming experience onboard and help to ensure you have an entertaining night.  

Another feature of the Empire Casino are the free games which anybody onboard can try to play. Can’t game? There are croupiers found in the casino to coach beginners how to play games on offer.

The daily casino lessons include comprehensive rules on how to gamble and any other prized information to better your gaming experience. 

Off-the-cuff dress code is acceptable at the casino, but why not bring out your Italian-cut tuxedo? Or you little black dinner dress? Considering Queen Mary 2 is a luxury cruise ship.

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Casino Cruise Name: Celebrity Cruises

Best Casino Cruises

  • Casino Operator: Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.
  • Length: 11 nights 
  • Cost Range: $300 to $3,000
  • Route: Europe, Caribbean, Asia, Alaska, among other popular destinations

What Reviewers Say

Many passengers choose this operator because of the interesting places visited. Others speak well of the high level of their customers’ service. Thanks to their ratio of one crew for two guests set-up.


Cruise Description

Regardless of the itinerary you choose, there’s a list of onboard activities to pick up, including trivia contests, dance lessons, spa treatments, and wine workshops. The liners also feature several restaurants, with a variety of dining options.

With 11 cruises, Celebrity Cruises aren’t the largest fleet in the world, but the company knows how to set up a casino cruise. All its new Celebrity class cruise liners — Summit, Millennium, Constellation and Infinity — are equipped with a Fortune Casino.

Table games offered include baccarat, roulette, blackjack, Let It Ride, and 3-card poker. Slots start at $0.01 and comprise video machines and classic reel. Celebrity Cruises boast of offering custom limits and better odds compared to other casino cruises. 

The top out-fitted cruisers for gamblers host about 275 slots. Millennium, Summit, Constellation, and Infinity are equipped with about 190 slot machines, about 12 table games, and an electronic Texas hold’em table.

Celebrity Cruise casinos also pride themselves at running tournaments and promotions.  Depending on your level of play at Fortune Casino, offers can range from $250 off your next voyage to a whole free cruise.

Recently, Celebrity Cruises reviewed their odds to be in line with those offered in prominent Vegas casinos. Odds of 6s and 8s, four times on 5s and 9s, as well as three times on 4s are now available.

The cruiser also has an array of fun activities for children to keep them entertained. While at sea, patrons can attend educational classes, visit the gym, take in a show, chill out by the spa or pool, or enjoy several sports.

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Casino Cruise Name: Norwegian Escape

Best Casino Cruises

  • Casino Operator: Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Length: 7 days 
  • Cost Range: $400 to $1,800 
  • Route: The Bahamas and the Caribbean from Miami, Florida

Cruise Description

Named #1 in Best Norwegian Cruises, the Norwegian Escape is one of the most rousing cruisers on the oceans. When it comes to fun and entertainment, Escape wins.

With 28 bars and restaurants on the ship, most passengers admit they’ve got to sail twice to explore, possibly, everything.

What Reviewers Say

Definitely an escape from routine on a regular boat. One of the best casino cruises out there. Groups adore their assortment of games and environments. Drinks are delicious!

Norwegian Escape is a state-of-the-art cruise ship, and it’s the biggest from the Norwegian Cruises. With a fleet of 15 cruisers, a total of about 200 gaming tables and 2,800 slot machines, the jumbo Norwegian Cruise Line is a force to reckon. 

Norwegian Escape is the casino aboard, which features an extensive list of table games and slots. The casino also hosts a VIP section for high rollers.

The liners stand out for allowing its patrons to play video poker at the casino bar.

The Norwegian Escape can accommodate 4,266 guests while traveling to the Bahamas and the Caribbean from Miami.

While voyagers enjoy sailing past the clear waters and sandy seashores, there’s a lot of entertainment and fun options, including playing casino games. 

This ultra-modern Escape Casino hordes 318 slot machines in addition to 28 gaming tables offering baccarat, blackjack, roulette, pai gow, Texas hold’em, craps and poker.

Offers at the casino tables range from low to high, implying everyone; even those on a budget can choose from the options. 

Note that the minimum bet for specific table games is slightly higher compared to other cruisers.

For instance, the minimum wager for Let It Ride and blackjack is $5, while $10 is the minimum stake for Ultimate Texas hold’em.

In spite of everything, all casinos onboard Norwegian Cruises offer reward patrons and favour Casinos at Sea Programme.

The good thing, you can redeem your Casinos at Sea card’s points for free play, discounts, or even merchandise.

If you are a high roller, you’ll be thrilled to know the casino has an élite VIP room featuring 3 customizable tables — intended to meet your requirements and preferences. Gamblers can request limits above the $ 5,000 max that’s set on the casino floor.

The internet via satellite on the casino cruise is, more than not, as fast and reliable as your home’s broadband. Meaning, gaming online can equally be pleasurable as it is at the liner’s casino.

The casino also allows smoking inside the venue. Plus, the ship hosts 11 fancy restaurants.

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Casino Cruise Name: Princess Casino

Princess Casino

  • Casino Operator: Princess Cruises
  • Length: 12 days 
  • Cost Range:  $430 to $6,200 
  • Route: Around the world

Cruise Description

In 1965, the company started with a single liner, which cruised Mexico. Flash forward, today Princess is one of the best cruise lines in the world. Aboard a Princess cruiser and have fun as you explore the world.


What Reviewers Say 

Princess needs no introduction. It’s big, sprawling, and with lots of cool happenings around. Bingo nights are fantastic and the service at the bar is impeccable.

The gaming environment and the luxurious décor make you spend, and possibly win, lol!

Princess Cruises present their casinos as high stakes and world-class. To reinforce this claim, USA Today nominated Princess Cruises as the premium cruise line for gamblers. 

Like most cruise lines, Princess Cruises provide free casino lessons for their guests. Note that guests can too join the Princess Players Club and receive exceptional bonuses depending on frequency of play or amount staked. 

Every Princess runs tournaments, though some feature an invitation-only for the top competitors.

Table games offered are roulette, blackjack, Texas hold’em, craps, 3-card poker, Caribbean Stud, and Let It Ride. Surprising enough, bingo games are accessible daily.

Remember, credit cards aren’t accepted in the liner’s casino. However, you can swap for chips as cash or an onboard account or traveller’s checks. Aside from that, the casino brags about its progressive winnings on lots of its games.

The 1,083-feet-long cruise ship entertains guests all day, every day.  Some of the onboard activities include painting and paddle tennis. And it doesn’t end there.

You can tour the boat and delight in some wine tasting, join games by the pool or drown in the traditional Champagne Waterfall.

While taking still photos at the casino is allowed, cellphones and video recording are prohibited.  You are also not permitted to smoke in the casino or the bar, though guests can smoke while betting at particular slot machines.

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Casino Cruise Name: Freedom of the Seas

Best Casino Cruises

  • Casino Operator: Royal International
  • Length: 7 nights 
  • Cost Range: $ 299 to $ 2200
  • Route: Southern Caribbean 

Cruise Description

 At 160,000 ton, with room to accommodate up to 3,634 guests, Freedom of the Seas is out to make a statement. This ship hosts several shops, sports, and entertainment facilities including the casino (Casino Royale).


What Reviewers Say

Really urban feel, and lots of fun. Service is topnotch on the cruise, from the Windjammer buffet to housekeeping to main dining room.

Casino Royale is found on the fourth deck and operates soon the cruiser is in international waters. The casino offers Texas hold’em, slots, 3 card poker, roulette, blackjack, Caribbean Stud, and three-card poker.

Gaming classes are offered once the ship starts sailing. Plus, the casino crew are always keen to respond to inquiries if you are trying to pick up a new game.  The cruiser also hordes a 3-level main restaurant, several casual eateries, and 3 speciality restaurants. 

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Casino Cruise Name: Azamara Journey 

Best Casino Cruises

  • Casino Operator: Azamara Club Cruises
  • Length: 7 nights 
  • Cost Range: $999 to $2,099 
  • Route: Journeys the Western and Eastern Mediterranean as well as South American and Antarctica 

Cruise Description 

Azamara Journey is a subsidiary enterprise of the RCCL (Royal Caribbean). With 408 staff members on board; the vessel offers a high level of personalization than you can ever imagine. This 690-passenger cruiser attracts voyagers who adore large-ship niceties and exciting onboard programs like culinary demonstrations and wine-tastings.  When onshore, occupants are encouraged to walk around and explore local dishes.

What Reviewers Say 

Passengers recommend it for anyone who cares a lot about their safety and service. The tapas bar is a 10/10. Meals are prepared using fresh local ingredients and are enjoyed at the cruise’s restaurant.  

A lot of passengers compliment the various food options and the several exclusive ports of call. Not a large ship by Allure of the Seas standards. But definitely one of the coziest spaces on sea.  

The considerably large poker table is just amazing. Casino Luxe offer slot machines, roulette, 3-card poker, and blackjack. They accept payments by credit card, travellers check, cash (foreign currency and USD), and Key Card.  

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Casino Cruise Name: Carnival Vista

Carnival Vista

  • Casino Operator: Carnival Cruise Line
  • Length: 7 nights
  • Cost Range: $509 to $2,100
  • Route: Western Caribbean


Cruise Description 

For long, Carnival Cruises have been huge on entertainment and nightlife, and you will find casinos aboard any of their 26 cruisers. A carnival cruise hosts day and night shows, casinos, musical performances, and more.


What Reviewers Say

Most adult passengers like the near-water private balconies, the beach breaks, and the food. Recently, travelers are fascinated with the onboard accommodations, the friendly crew, and kid-friendly games and movies. 

While they’re famed for Caribbean cruises, the fleet also sails to beautiful destinations such as the Bahamas, Mexico, Far East, Europe, and Alaska.

Carnival Vista, is one of the recent additions, accommodates about 4,000 people, and has 22 tables, and 217 machines.

Carnival casinos are famous for slots, with patrons whirling the wheel over 100 times every second across the entire fleet. But what makes gambling on Carnival ships tick is their compensation scheme, called the Carnival Players Club. Offers and promotions are awarded depending on the frequency of travels and games played.

Carnival offers 2 main feasting rooms, Reflections, and Horizons which feature first-rate items from the aboard steakhouse and provide them at an additional fee.

Still, there’s an assortment of dining options. The Lido buffet offers the whole lot from stir-fry to pasta. What’s more, there’s pizza delivery.

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