Best casino chips

Best casino chips


Playing poker without chips is possible if you’re playing with real money. But if you’re playing non-money casual games, you’ll have to scramble every time you need to look for substitutes that you can use as ante. If you plan to start regular home games, investing in a poker set should be a top priority. Also, if maybe the special day is coming for someone who enjoys playing poker, then a poker chip set is also a great gift idea.

The best poker chip set for home games is MRC Laurel Crown Poker Set, with its premium ceramic build. You can also opt for RINCO Plastic Chips if you only need basic chips for your games. Brybelly Diamond Poker Set and Trademark Poker Set are two other great options that you can use for home games.

There are different types of poker chips that you can use, and we will cover all of them in great detail. We will discuss these chips and provide you with the best options in each category to help you find what you need for your home games.

In a hurry? Here is the list of the products reviewed below:

Types of Poker Chips in the Market

When talking about poker chips, many people think that there’s only one type of poker chip. Wherever they go, and wherever they play, they expect the chips to look similar to this:

It couldn’t be farther from the truth because poker’s popularity brought different types of chips that you can use for home games. Here are four of the most common types of poker chips that you can buy for casual games:

Cheap Plastic Chips

Cheap plastic chips are the most affordable that you can buy, and are good enough to get you started with your games. It usually weighs around 2 grams each and uses flimsy plastic materials that don’t really resemble the poker chips that we’re apt to see. It will pass first-time users because they aren’t used to playing poker in a card room or a casino.

The only reason someone would want to have this type of chip for their home games is that they are looking for the cheapest option to help them get started with their games. Most of these sets cost anywhere from $1 to $5, making it easy for players to start.

If you want anything more than a ‘kids quality’ of chips and something that is not expensive, then your next option is imitation clay chips.

Imitation Clay Chips

Imitation clay chips are a step above plastic chips. It still uses plastic materials, but it’s thicker and heavier, weighing around 8 to 9 grams. Most retailers market them as “Super Diamond Chips,” which still leans towards a tight budget but already provides more heft for its users.

This poker chip looks similar to cheap plastics, and you won’t be using them if you’re after a great gaming experience. Many people prefer this over plastic chips because it has better functionality and generally lasts longer. However, if you’re looking for an experience that resembles what you would get from a cardroom or casino, this type isn’t suitable for you.

Clay Composite Chips

Clay composite chips are the most common that you’ll find in a lot of games. It has the perfect balance between the look, feels, and price of the set, making it the preferred choice for many players. It weighs anywhere from 11 to 14 grams, and they make it possible by combining metal filling and clay composite to create the chips.

Since it’s the preferred type for many players, it also comes in different designs, quality, and price. The cheapest clay composite set you can buy is around $35, but some sets can go up to $300! It also comes with an aluminum case that makes your chips look more premium.

Ceramic Chips

Ceramic chips are the best poker chips that you can buy for your games, and it’ll require a considerable investment to start. These ceramic chips can cost anywhere from $0.45 up to $1.25, or $225 to $625 for a 500-chip set! That’s a lot of money to invest for casual poker games, but these are the best that you can get, and there are no compromises.

These chips don’t produce the metal clanging sounds you’d typically hear when using clay composite chips. It also creates the most satisfying sounds when you start shuffling these chips in between your fingers. Overall, it’s the set that you want if you want to get the same experience as you would from a cardroom or a casino.

Best Cheap Plastic Poker Chips

Cheap plastic poker chips aren’t the best option for players who already play regularly. It’s only an excellent choice for kids or first-time players who haven’t played poker before. It’s cheap and passable as a temporary chip that you can use to start playing poker.

Aside from this, it also gives you better flexibility when it comes to the color of chips that you’re going to use for your games. Here are three of the best options that you have when looking for an alternative that doesn’t break the bank:

RINCO 100 Poker Chips

If you’re only looking for a set that first-time players can use, RINCO Poker Chips is an excellent choice. It comes in three colors that make it easier for you to set your games. You don’t have to buy different colors separately because it has everything that beginners need for their games.

This set is one of the cheapest that you can get, but it also uses cheap, flimsy materials. However, it’s a lot better than looking for substitutes that you can use to play poker games. These chips are nowhere near the quality of chips that we use while playing poker, but it’s a great alternative.

Quick Stats for RINCO Poker Chips

  • 50 white chips
  • 25 blue chips
  • 25 red chips
  • 1.5 inch (3.81cm) diameter
  • 0.62 inch (0.16cm) thick

There are several options to choose from when looking for the best poker chips for home games. However, if you want to free yourself from all the troubles and expensive purchases just to start a game, RINCO Poker Chips are the best that you can get without breaking the bank!

Coopay 300 Poker Chips

Coopay Poker Chips are perfect for games with more players. Similar to other cheap plastics, it heavily leans towards affordability than design. However, it provides you with the broadest range of colors to choose from, making it easier to set up your games. It even has more color options than other more expensive poker sets.

This set includes 300 chips in 10 different colors: white, red, dark red, green, pink, purple, black, yellow, blue, and orange. It’s ideal for quick games that require a more complicated betting system for players who already have a basic understanding of the game. It’s smaller than the usual chips we use, but it’s one of the thickest that you can get for its price.

Quick Stats for Coopay Poker Chips

  • 30 chips for each color
  • 1 inch (2.54cm) diameter
  • 0.8 inch (0.2cm) thick

It’s an excellent choice for players who already understand the game and would like to take a step above basic poker games. It has the most number of color options available, making it easier to manage stack sizes and bets. If you want to start teaching your kids how to play more complicated poker games, this set is the best option for you.

US Toy Co. Poker Chips

When you’re buying cheap plastic poker chips, you’ll always get a set with different colors. If your game requires more of one color, you’ll have to get another pack, which, sometimes, beats the purpose of buying these sets. US Toy Co. Poker Chips have a different approach; you can buy each color individually.

This set includes 100 chips of your preferred color, making it easier to have enough for low-value chips and set your games accordingly. It’s an excellent choice for games with only a handful of players, and they’re not yet sure how many chips they would need. It gives you the flexibility that only a few poker sets can offer.

Quick Stats for US Toy Co. Poker Chips

  • 100 one color chip in each pack
  • 1.5 inch (3.81cm) diameter
  • 0.62 inch (0.16cm) thick

The need for chips may vary based on the players who are playing and having the flexibility to get the color you need is why it’s an easy pick for us. If you’re only starting your home games, US Toy Co. Poker Chips should be on the top of your list.

best plastic poker chip set

Best Imitation Clay Poker Chips

Imitation clay chips are great for starters who don’t want to settle in using cheap plastic chips. Although it’s far from what many people imagine poker chips would be, it closely resembles an actual poker chip’s thickness and weight.

Using imitation clay chips also gives you great flexibility when choosing the color that you want for your games. It costs a bit more, but it allows you to play with chips that last longer and are more durable. Here are the best imitation clay chips that you can use for your poker games:

Brybelly Super Diamond Poker Set

Brybelly markets this product as a premium poker chip, but it still falls within the clay imitation chips that you can buy. They are inexpensive alternatives for players who don’t like the idea of playing with small, flimsy chips but aren’t ready to invest in a full-blown clay composite poker set.

The diameter and thickness of these chips are similar to what you can get from clay composites and ceramics. However, it doesn’t have the aesthetics that make it look and feel premium. Aside from the look and feel, there’s really not much that can break a deal, especially if you’re only using these chips for regular home games.

Quick Stats for Brybelly Super Diamond Poker Set

  • 1000 chips in 6 different colors: 300 white, 200 red, 200 green, 200 black, 50 purple, and 50 orange.
  • Each chip weighs 8.5 grams.
  • 1.7 inch (4.3cm) diameter
  • 0.13 inch (0.33cm) thick

Although Brybelly Super Diamond Poker Set focuses on making their product more affordable for beginners, it didn’t fail to add necessities such as the acrylic case. Its durable construction makes it a worthy investment for people who want to start regular home games. If you’re looking for an entry-level poker set that you can use for home games, this set will serve you well. 

TM Multi-Color Poker Chips 

Mix and match is something that you can do whenever you’re looking for poker chips. Most companies will only provide you with a predetermined number of chips in default colors. TM Multi-Color Poker Chips have a different approach because it allows you to choose your color, depending on the game that you want to play.

Adjusting the chip value based on the available chips is the norm when playing poker. However, TM Multi-Color Poker Chips provides you with the option to combine flexibility and affordability, making it one of the best choices for beginners to use for their home games.

Quick Stats for TM Multi-Color Poker Chips

  • 50 chips in each pack
  • You can mix and match the colors you need: white, red, blue, green, black, pink, yellow, brown, light blue, and purple.
  • Each chip weighs 8.5 grams.
  • 1.7 inch (4.3cm) diameter
  • 0.13 inch (0.33cm) thick

If you want to invest in poker chips that favor flexibility, nothing can do better than TM Multi-Color Poker Chips. It will even let you hot stamp the chips to have your designs, making it an even better option for beginners who want to gradually invest in the chips they’ll use for their games.

Poker Supplies 1000-Chip Set

When you’re buying poker chips, you only have two options: affordable that also looks cheap, and premium high-end casino-grade chips. Poker Supplies Set is an excellent solution because it doesn’t force you to choose between these options. This set can provide you with the best custom chips for your games without breaking the bank.

Poker Supplies Set includes 1,000 chips, dealer and blinds buttons, two decks of cards, and an aluminum case. That’s everything you need to start a poker game, and some companies will charge hundreds for the same set. Aside from this, the construction also allows hot stamping, making it easier for you to have customized chips for your games.

Quick Stats for Poker Supplies Set

  • 1000 chips in 10 color options
  • Choose the color that you want for your set: white, red, blue, green, black, pink, yellow, brown, light blue, and purple.
  • Each chip weighs 8.5 grams.
  • 1.7 inch (4.3cm) diameter
  • 0.13 inch (0.33cm) thick

The only compromise that you’d have to make if you are going to choose this poker set is the weight and feel that you’d only get from high-end chips. If playing with an 8.5-gram chip is okay for you and you want to have the ability to customize your chips, then this is the best option that you can have for your home games.

Best Clay Composite Poker Chips

Clay composite is the choice for many poker players because it has a strong resemblance to the casino chips that we typically use in casinos. Although it’s not a perfect replica, it takes your games to a whole new level without the hefty price tag.

The downside of using clay composite chips is that you need to be careful when choosing—more expensive doesn’t always mean better quality. Here are the chips that we strongly recommend for players who want to invest in better poker accessories that they can use for casual home games:

Fat Cat 500-Chip Poker Set

When people ask us for a poker set, the first that we always recommend is Fat Cat Poker Set. It has everything that players might expect from a poker chip set and has the best value for money. It comes with 500 striped clay composite chips that are enough for 6-handed games, dealers and blinds buttons, and two decks of poker cards.

One reason why clay composite is a popular choice for many players is that it produces the same sound that high-end chips create when they hit each other. Fat Cat did an excellent job of recreating this experience, and they made it even more premium with the best aluminum case that we’ve seen in poker sets.

Quick Stats for Fat Cat Poker Set

  • Full poker set with premium accessories
  • 500 chips in 5 different colors: 150 white, 150 red, 100 blue, 50 green, and 50 black chips.
  • Each chip weighs 11.5 grams.
  • 1.7 inch (4.3cm) diameter
  • 0.13 inch (0.33cm) thick

The quality, number of chips, and price make it easy for us to recommend this poker set to anyone. If you’re ready to invest a bit more for your home games, this set should be on top of your list with its no-compromise offer.

Trademark 300-Chip Poker Set

If you’re setting up smaller games, and you don’t plan to have six regular players, Trademark 300-Chip Poker Set is an excellent choice for you. It comes with 300 striped chips, two decks of poker cards, dealer and blinds buttons, and one of the best aluminum cases. There are no compromises with this set, and you’ll be playing games in no time!

You can start recreating the same casino experience with this poker set because it offers the closest replica of the actual chips you’ll use when you’re in a casino. The metal filling also creates the same sound that you would get from high-end chips that you’ll see in a cardroom.

Quick Stats for Trademark Poker Set

  • Full poker set with premium accessories
  • 300 chips in 3 different colors: 150 red, 100 white, and 50 blue chips.
  • Each chip weighs 11.5 grams.
  • 1.7 inch (4.3cm) diameter
  • 0.13 inch (0.33cm) thick

If you’re only playing small games (for up to 3 or max 4 players), there’s no reason for you to buy more than 300 chips. Trademark Poker Set is your best choice for small games because it has the perfect balance of affordability and premium feel. Its exceptional case build is a bonus for those who want to add this set in their home games.

Brybelly 500-Chip Poker Set

Sometimes, poker games always come with a fixed set of rules with a predetermined value on each chip. However, hot stamping chips can also cost a lot, making it less ideal for many players. Brybelly Poker Set did something that no other manufacturer would do, set a value for its chips.

This set has 500 chips with six colors: white (no value), red (5), green (25), black (100), pink (500), and yellow (1,000). It doesn’t represent the monetary value that each chip has, but its value against other chips. It’s a feature that makes it easy for first-time users to start their games without worrying about the value that they’ll assign for each chip.

Quick Stats for Brybelly Poker Set

  • Full poker set with premium accessories
  • 500 valued clay composite chips
  • Six different colors: 150 white, 100 red, 100 green, 100 black, 25 pink, and 25 yellow
  • Each chip weighs 14 grams.
  • 1.7 inch (4.3cm) diameter
  • 0.13 inch (0.33cm) thick

Brybelly Poker Set isn’t the cheapest clay composite poker set that you can buy, but it can provide you with a gaming experience similar to high-end chips. It’s an excellent investment for players who have regular home games with more than six players. There’s no other option that can come close to what it offers!

Best Ceramic Poker Chips

As mentioned, ceramic chips are the most expensive mass-market chips that you can buy. This type is the closest you can get to have the same feel as what you would get from a casino. It’s the best that money can buy, and there are no compromises.

It won’t be easy to find ceramic chips worth your money, though, especially if you consider the small difference compared with clay composites. Here are the ones that we find perfect for players who are willing to invest a bit more to replicate poker games’ look and feel in casinos:

MRC 500-Chip Laurel Crown Ceramic Poker Set

If you’re looking for the best poker chip set with a reasonable price, MRC 500-Chip Laurel Crown Ceramic Poker Set is your best option. It includes 500 high-end ceramic poker chips with the best premium wooden case and gold accents.

Unlike most poker sets, there are no inclusions in the case, and with good reason; if you’re splurging on this poker set, you want to have the flexibility to choose the best deck of cards and buttons that you can use for your games. If you already have these and you’re only looking for the best chips that you can use, MRC has the best product for you.

Quick Stats for MRC Ceramic Poker Set

  • Premium wooden box with acrylic tray
  • 500 valued ceramic chips
  • Seven different colors 150 white, 100 red, 100 green, 50 blue, 50 black, 25 purple, and 25 yellow
  • You can customize the combination of chips.
  • Each chip weighs 10 grams.
  • 1.7 inch (4.3cm) diameter
  • 0.13 inch (0.33cm) thick

There are very few options for ceramic chips, but MRC takes the top spot for people looking for high-end chips. It’s the best choice for hardcore players who want to recreate the experience that they’d get when playing in casinos. This set is also perfect for games with more than six players, making it the best option for heavily-invested groups.

Brybelly 500-Chip Nevada Jack Poker Set

Looking for premium accessories that you can use for your games can be troublesome for many players. Sometimes, striped chips can also be boring to play with, even if you’re using the best ceramic chips. Brybelly 500-Chip Nevada Jack Poker Set is a printed ceramic chip set with predetermined values that starts from $1 and goes all the way to $1,000!

The Nevada Jack print is an acquired taste, but it’s getting the best reviews for ceramic chips. We also find it the best when compared to other chips in terms of weight and feel. Besides this, the print is directly on the chip; there are no inlays or stickers—the same quality that you’ll only get from casinos!

Quick Stats for Brybelly Nevada Jack Poker Set

  • Full poker set with premium accessories
  • 500 valued ceramic chips
  • Six different colors: 150 blue, 100 red, 100 green, 100 black, 25 yellow, and 25 white
  • Each chip weighs 10 grams.
  • 1.7 inch (4.3cm) diameter
  • 0.13 inch (0.33cm) thick

If you want an all-in set that includes everything you need for your home games, Brybelly Nevada Jack Poker Set is the best option for you. It has everything that you need to start your games without compromises. If you wouldn’t mind splurging on a poker set, this product is what we would highly recommend for you!


When you’re looking for poker chip sets that you can buy, the first that you have to consider is the type of material used for it.

Cheap plastic chips are for beginners who are only starting to learn poker. Imitation clay is perfect for beginners who want a more durable chip to use. Clay composites and ceramics are the best options for invested players trying to have the best gaming experience possible.

Once you’ve determined the type that is perfect for the games you want to play, you can use our list to find the best chip in each category to find the one that suits your needs.

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